America's Aborted Future

Jesus referred to Gehenna or The Valley of Hinnom when talking about hell. This valley is s/sw of Jerusalem and has quite an infamous past.Here was Topheth where children at one time were offered to the fire god Molech. The people were given to pleasure and not God's word. They would give themselves to sexual indulgence and then conveniently dispose of the fruit of their sin in the fires of Molech. In that time, it was acceptable social behavior. The youngster was viewed as a choice, not a life. This place was later to be called "the valley of slaughter."

Can you just imagine the millions of brilliant young minds that have been snuffed out since the Roe VS Wade decision on January 22, 1973? People with skill, insight, and the ability to navigate through the tough times that we are currently experiencing. Approximately 46 million children have been aborted since the ruling. These are young creative minds that are gone! What if God had a young economic genius in the making? Or a brilliant climatic scientist? Not to mention that 46 million people would contribute significantly to the tax base and help support a retiring baby boom population.

Lord what have we done? I'm afraid we've aborted our own future. God forgive us of our great sin. Join with me and pray for our president. Pray that he would turn from his dreadful decision to support world wide abortion with American tax dollars. Pray that Roe VS Wade will be overturned. Pray with all of your strength because America is well on it's way to becoming the next Valley of Hinnom; the land of the great slaughter.